The 4 Don'ts of Caring for Your Women's Shoes

Women's shoes are simply like the beauty of ladies: beautiful and lovely. Take them for granted though and you will lose them. More than anyone, a woman herself should understand this; and in turn, should take special care of her pairs of shoes. Unfortunately, some women simply are not aware that they are abusing their shoes. Are you afraid that your footwear will be ready for retirement too soon? Then read on for the four "don'ts" of taking care of custom women's shoes.

Don't ever wear your shoes in the rain. This is a fact that too many women ignore for the sake of fashion. What’s worse is that many simply leave their shoes on the rack after they have been exposed to the elements. What's the best solution for this problem? First and foremost it is to buy boots which are specifically made for rain. Always go with fashionable waterproof boots. And always carry them in the boot of your car in case of an emergency. This just depends on luck and your women's shoes do get wet, be proactive in saving them. Immediately wipe off any water on the surface with tissue paper to absorb moisture from the inside. Then keep them in a well-ventilated area to fully dry.

Secondly, don't neglect to devote a little time to shoe care. Your shoes keep your feet safe and complement the way you look. That's why you need to clean and condition your footwear. Gently wipe off the dirt. For standard colors like black or white, use polish. For other colors, use pigment- and dye-free polishes. Complete your care routine by wiping your latest women's shoes with a soft cloth. Some shoes require a little more care so take them to your local shoe shop for advice. Remember, it's up to you whether your shoes will last you a long time or not. And with proper care, they certainly can.

Next, don't ignore smelly shoes. That time you think not wearing them for a few days will solve your smelly problem? Not quite. This because you carry the problem wherever you go—bacteria is present on your feet! We know moisture and heat create a perfect environment for bacteria. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your feet are dry before you wear your rain boots for women. Always use foot powder and antimicrobial socks if necessary, and be sure to use cedar shoe trees after wearing them. The shoe trees will not only keep your shoes in perfect shape, literally, but they will also absorb moisture and prevent bacteria from populating.

Finally, don't wear throw away women's shoes with worn outsoles. The best thing about custom shoes is that they commonly have stitched soles that can be replaced. And you can save a lot of money by taking them to your local repair shop. If you do not notice till that the soles are almost worn out you can also ask for the repairman to apply a rubber tread, which will give you more sole to wear. This is not possible in case of cheap shoes as the upper material is often already damaged by the time the soles are worn out. And for an extra don't: don't skimp on shoes that will wear out too soon. Invest in reliable, customized pairs that will keep your feet comfortable and secure.


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